Frequently Asked Questions

My vehicle was involved in an accident, towed for an arrest or insurance violation, or towed from private property. What must I do?

Please click the Accident and Impound Information Link for answers to these questions.

Can ASAP tow my motorcycle?

Absolutely! ASAP has custom motorcycle dollys. Your bike is rolled onto and attached to the dolly. The bike and dolly are then loaded as one unit onto a flatbed tow truck. Other options, used primarily in the event of an accident or damage, involve the use of soft nylon straps and lifting the bike with the tow truck boom. This is very safe and effective in many cases and is approved by most manufacturers.

How do I know if my vehicle needs a flatbed?

In most cases ā€” not all but most ā€” a flatbed tow truck will be sent to tow your passenger vehicle. Be assured that ASAP follows vehicle manufacturers specifications for equipment and procedures when dispatching and transporting your vehicle.

Do I have to be with my vehicle?

In most cases the answer is yes since the customer is required to sign the invoice which gives the tow truck operator authorization to have the vehicle in his possession; this is Louisiana State law. Exceptions can be made. Please consult the dispatch center for more information.

If Iā€™m involved in an accident or broke down on the side of the road, and the police stop to assist me, can I request that they call ASAP to assist me?

In Louisiana, law enforcement officers are obligated to comply with an owners request for a specific service. However, if the officer deems your vehicle is in a hazardous situation or is impeding traffic flow, the officer is allowed, and will more than likely, call for the next authorized towing service on the police rotation list.

Can or will ASAP bill my insurance company or preferred shop directly?

If the vehicle has been involved in an accident and the vehicle is towed to our storage facility, then the customers insurance or the at faults insurance company can be dealt with directly. In some cases, if the vehicle goes directly to a repair facility, the facility may pay for the tow and recoup the charges from the responsible insurance company. If there is no insurance coverage, the vehicle owner is responsible for all charges, no matter who the driver is. In the event of a breakdown, more often than not, the vehicle owner will need to pay for services as they are rendered and request reimbursement from the insurance company.